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The Vision Care Center
Based on 203 reviews
Teresa C.
Virginia B.
Dr. Jon did a thorough eye exam, always asks if I have questions. Jennie was great. The office staff is efficient and pleasant. My wait time was <10 minutes.
Mary R.
Debra S.
Dr Tharp is the best! Staff very nice!
Donna K.
Efficient top quality care
James W R.
A huge thank you to the vision care professionals for outstanding service and creating a time consuming experience a great experience choosing eyeglasses and frames. They help in selection as well as making repairs to your kids everyday glasses not so terrible. Help pick the best way to use your insurance provided to get the customers best”bang for their buck”. Nick and all the other customer care associates deserve a huge thank you. They probably don’t hear that a lot but they are a huge reason why people choose to use Vision Care center. Thank you again to a true team of professionals.
Jim D.
Front desk staff, assistants, and optical team were phenomenal. My optometrist was just ok. She doesn't have much of "bedside manner". Very abrupt and seemingly uncaring. I will be looking to switch providers for my next visit.
Stacy W.
Jane L.
Very professional and friendly visit. On time and very efficient visit.
Sandra R.
David M.
I had the lasik procedure and I am very pleased with my results. Dr Tharp and staff walk you through each step of the procedure as they are doing it. They are amazing!
Everyone who works at The Vision Care Center is very friendly and efficient. Your appointment moves along very smoothly and I really like my physician and his team, Dr. Jon Weyer. They communicate very well letting you know what they are doing and keep me well informed regarding my diabetes.
Rhonda F.
DR. and staff are very nice and answer all my questions.
Betty K.
Great visit with Dr. Tharp, but always seems a bit rushed..Tight schedule , perhaps.
First off. Thank You Dr Thorpe for having the knowledge to give me my eyesight back as it was over 60 years ago. You’re truly a Very Gifted Man to be able to do your job and make me feel most comfortable and confident you knew what to do. Your Office Staff are the Best. Never in all my years have I been treated so well and so kindly. Your people enjoybthiervjobs it’s obvious and why not? To work for you must make it so it’s a pleasure to come to work. Not too many folks can say that in these stress filled days. Thanks to all for being a friend and doing a Steller Job.
Bryan M.
This is an excellent facility with top notch providers and staff. Everyone is super friendly and professional. You will have your total eye health evaluted here and if needed multiple options for vision corrections. They have all of the latest technology for your evaluation. You can even find just about any of the latest glasses and contacts you wish. You can even get prescription sun glasses here too. It is easy to find using Google Maps.
Chris L.
The care was excellent, but the wait time was not.
Ronda A.
I had my evaluation in Jan 2024 and surgery on Feb 2024. The entire process was extremely smooth from scheduling the initial evaluation all the way through to the post-op appointments. The team did a great job explaining everything that would happen and treated me with great care. I was able to schedule everything to fit my schedule. I was given all the information I needed to make an informed decision and I never felt pressured to move forward with the surgery.The surgery itself was very quick and the team too great care to help ease my nerves by explaining what was going to happen and continue to talk me to comfort me throughout the procedure. All on all, it was a great experience!
Elizabeth S.
Thanks to Dr. Tharp & his staff for all their efforts in working with the neuro opthamologist at Stanford to save some of my vision after suffering my second eye stroke due to rare eye disease.
Brenda W.
Really good people and facilities.
Dan J
Very happy with Dr. Baker
Bobbi R.
All office staff are extremely polite and knowledgeable.
Vanessa K.
Professional personnel and in sync with my needs. Procedure corrected the problem and was scheduled and handled in a timely manner.
Gary K.
They were very helpful and knowledgeable. Super pleased with my experience.
Jill A.
A first-class, friendly group of professionals who work together and give each client a positive experience.
Jim N.
Our son had lasik done here and the entire process was simple and professionally handled. Would definitely recommend this eye doctor and facility!
Julie B.
Anointment was on time and staff was courteous.
Robert H.
Wow! Amazing experience here! Dr Betz is incredible! Allison is incredible! Everyone I have spoken with has been great! Very knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you!
Carson C.
Courteous front staff as well as Drs, and nursing staff. I am familiar with both offices, Deaconess Clinic and Deaconess Gateway and enjoyed treatment at both, however, I prefer the downtown office due to convenience.
Evelyn J S.
Larry Z.
Everyone is efficient and kind. Dr. Baker is wonderful!
Maury and Kevin R.
beth H.
Steven L.
Dr Tharp is very professional and his work is top notch. I went from 20/50+ in both eyes to 20/15 at the 3 month mark. Effects like dryness and discomfort were short lived and well managed with the prescribed after care. Overall a worthwhile procedure and a great medical staff!
Ethan E.
Best decision I’ve ever made with eyecare. Thank you Dr Tharp
Jared E.
I went to Dr. Baker for my annual appointment, which was great timing because I started with a problem in my left eye. He wasted no time in referring me to Dr. Tharp, and I cannot say enough good things about the treatment I received. I was getting ready to leave on vacation, and Dr. Tharp went above and beyond in doing what he needed to do to get my problem solved. He and his staff were very compassionate and efficient. If you’re looking for excellent eye care, look no further than Vision Care Center. Thank you Drs. Tharp and Baker!
Patti S.
tess G.
Great service, got in and out in a timely fashion. Tests were ran professionally. Doctor took time to talk to me and perform needed services.
Sandra L.
An inside perspective…I’ve worked as an ophthalmic assistant (the “better one or better two gal” who gets you ready for the ophthalmologist) since the early 2000s. I’ve worked under some incredible doctors over the years, joining The Vision Care Center earlier this year.I can say without hesitation, I leave work every single day proud to be part of this team. The doctors and staff are top notch, extending the same kindness and respect outside of the exam rooms.I know it’s unconventional to leave a review as an employee, but hope to offer some insight to future patients in doing so! (Or, future co-workers looking for a place to share your love of eyes!)
Jen N.
Have all the faith in the world with Dr Tharp and his Staff.
Carol H.
Kenny C.
Allen K.
All of the people that I encountered were polite, professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. G. Green and all of staff that I interacted with during my visit Friday.
Fran M.
I went to this place to get fitted for contact lenses, and while it took two separate appointments, everyone was very supportive and available. They were able to squeeze me in not once but twice in the week before I left work college. Currently wearing my contacts, and everything looks so much clearer.
Evan R.
Frank S.
very pleased with Dr. Tharp and his staff.
Joan F
Wonderful people. They make up feel like you are their top priority. Dr. Green and staff: A big thank you.
Vicki L.
Didn't waste my time; professional; very clean offices; friendly; helpful to find the best frames and lenses at a reasonable price. They made the whole process satisfactory for me.
jim B.
donna B.
Steve R.
Everyone at The Vision Care Center @ Gateway are so nice and professional. Dr Jon Weyer removed cataracts from both of my eyes and put in the corrective lenses I no longer need to wear glasses or contacts. This is the best vision I have had in my whole life (65 years) I am overjoyed with my results. Dr Chad Baker and Dr Jon are the best. 5 STARS *****
Excellent and efficient eye care.
Kathleen D.
They were nice an friendly. As well has a great since of humor!!!!! Hopefully they moved filing cabinet to make it more accessible an functional! Love ya ladies! Thank you for listening!
Laura P.
Dr. Green is great! He takes his time and explains everything very well.
J L.
The Vision Care Center and Dr. Tharp are both excellent. I have always been made to feel comfortable and welcome. Always on time and providing quality care to me. I am so glad that I was able to connect with Dr. Tharp and Vision Care Center. Thank You.
Charles T.
The Vision Care Tech was friendly and did a thorough job of getting me ready to see Dr. Jon. I appreciated being seen in a timely manner.
Vicky B.
The most detailed eye exam I've ever had. By far..
Jeremy V.
They did a great job, really like the service that they gave me.
Russell R.
Helen W.
Joanie F.
I have had such a great experience with Dr. Tharpe and his team. Amanda helped me coordinate my LASIK procedure and follow-ups. They have been great about working with my schedule and are always professional. Best of all, my vision is great! I would highly recommend Vision Care Center if considering LASIK.
K. Suzanne L.
Been a patient of Dr Eric for years. Always impressed by his thorough eye exams and ease of conversation. Highly recommend Vision Care Center.
Carla M.
Kelly C.
Always the best care from Dr Jon and staff. Feel confident in them taking care of my eyes.
Patty G.
Awesome doctors and staff.
William T.
Dr Jon Weyer is INCREDIBLE & has saved my sight many times! He’s a professional & I trust him exclusively with my vision.The only reason I take 1 Star away is because of the front desk /phone staff at the 4th St Office(Gateway Front Office Staff is EXCELLENT & could teach the 4th St Customer Service Skills), who are in need of customer Service & professionalism training. They are often curt with patients & do not reflect Dr Jon or rest of professional support staff who are awesome. I was originally referred to Dr Jon for an assessment when a Pituitary Tumor was suffocating my Pituitary Gland in 2019 and the tumor was large, it was pushing up, placing pressure on my Optic Chasm (Optic Nerve). Dr Jon was vital in determining when Neurosurgeon needed to perform surgery to take tumor out. Once surgery occurred in November 2019, Dr Jon followed up & examined my vision regularly & determined that I lost bilateral peripheral vision. However, it could have been so much worse without him. Since then, he has saved my vision several times! I started seeing a strange circle ⭕️ In my line of site & it kept getting bigger over a 2 week period. I had no idea what it was, but I finally called Dr Jon’s office to ask their thoughts. Well, they said I had to come in immediately! Obviously, i didn’t react soon enough! I went the next day & found out that histoplasmosis had attacked my macula! It was bleeding in 2 places, was swollen & already had some scar tissue, though it would be hard to determine how much until healing could occur. Dr Jon recommended that he begin shots to my eye immediately & he said that in future, I was NOT to wait that long to contact his office when anything changed or was suspicious within my sight. After months of monthly shots in my eyeball, & many tests, Dr Jon saved most of my right eye vision! In the end, histoplasmosis only stole the left of center vision of my right eye, where scar tissue remains & it is a bump that is raised along my macula, so I will always have that additional area of lost vision. Just when one would think that a person was dealt enough bad cards- they get more. Due to the tumor surgery to remove it, my pituitary gland became non-functional & that then caused my thyroid gland to also become non-functional. When you don’t have either of those working, you are required to have medications to live & I am on many. One of the required meds is steroids I am on 2 types. I must self-inject one & other is a pill. Steroids keep me alive & able to function, however long-term strong steroid use does significant damage to nearly every part of your body. So far, it has caused almost all the enamel to come off my teeth, caused severe decay, destroyed nearly every tooth, 6 have broken off at the gums (4 were molars), nearly every tooth has severe decay, some are slowly thinning at the gum line & so there are ledges like cliffs have along my gum line - but they are my teeth! I have had my 8 molars extracted & dentist is researching whether my jaw will be able to be stable & strong enough to maintain implants in order for implants to be used for dentures. The fear is that the jawbone start breaking down from the Steroids & then the implants fall out. Ugh. TBD. Then we have my handfuls of hair falling out & breaking off all day, every day. I used to have a lot of hair, healthy & shiny. Now it is hard to know how much longer I may or not have hair left soon. I also have a bone density test in a week because two of my doctors have said it is likely that the steroids have already caused some of my bones to become brittle. I am likely to already have osteoporosis. They stated that I will face with certainty many broken bones in my future. UGH. This brings me to my point of steroid damage- Dr Jon examined my eyes Dec 2021 & documented exam findings. I returned in May 2022 & in that short period- he said I had Cataracts AND Glaucoma! I then required surgery to save my vision. I had 1st surgery 10/10/22 & 2nd is 11/19/22.Eyelid is drooping, so must see Oculoplastics & surgery likely . My card deck sucks.
Lana “Blessings” T.
Dr.Jon did an excellent job on my cataract surgeries! Also Dr Betz is awesome as my optometrist! Both professional! Highly recommend!
Cathy M.
Frank C.
JoAnn D.
Linda B.
Professional and total patient care!
Jay D.
Susan H.
The staff were so friendly. Steph was so sweet when doing my testing. Dr Tharp was so helpful and professional when explaining everything to me.
Trish S.
Friendly staff, thorough exam by Dr Green, he even called in Dr. John Weyer for confirmation of his findings.
Jennie F.
My appointment was on time and the receptionist and all staff were great 👍
Rodney M.
I was very pleased with the facility and the professional and friendly medical staff. Renae and Dr. Betz were very helpful and understanding. I would recommend Vision Care Center to anyone.
Richard A.
Dr. Tharp is professional all the way.
Marvin B.
greg L.
Dr. Weyer and his staff were efficient and friendly . Dr. Weyer was very clear and helpful in describing what needed to be done .
Pat R.
Steve L.
Kayla, who works at both Vision Care Center locations, is really a phenomenal employee. She recently went out of her way to get my scratched glasses fixed prior to my vacation. She ordered new lenses to replace the badly scratched ones on Tuesday and I was able to get them fixed by Friday! She is also always very helpful when selecting an eyeglass frame. She will give you an honest opinion. Please give her a raise, she would be hard to replace!
They helped me change an order last minute and called back promptly. Thanks.
Nick B.
Susan K.
Kimberly M.
Valerie H.
Karen S.
Ben N.
Shadana K.
I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. Dr. Jon is thorough and takes time to explain. Girls that help him are very nice also.
Susan H.

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