LASIK Questions & Answers

To help you understand how this life-changing procedure can help improve your vision correction needs, here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Most do not experience discomfort during the procedure. You will receive several drops of topical anesthesia to numb the eye. In addition to the drops, you will also be given an oral medication to help you relax.


“Quick, painless and now I have the best vision of my life! After years of worrying, I’m so glad I did it! Dr. Tharp and his staff are compassionate, caring and extremely competent. The world is clearer, crisper and more beautiful. I’ll always be grateful to Dr. Tharp and his wonderful staff.”
~ Amy Mangold, Former WFIE morning news anchor


“I put it off for fear and now I wish I had done it sooner. It was an easy, wonderful experience!”
~ Newburgh, IN,  LASIK Surgery Patient

You will begin receiving eye drop medication just prior to the procedure. The procedure itself takes approximately 15 minutes per eye, with the actual laser treatment time lasting usually under 30 seconds.


“LASIK has truly been a life changing experience.  The entire staff at Vision Care Center made my experience amazing.”
~ Laura Nowinski, Dr Jon LASIK patient – 3 month post-op


“Threw the glasses, away, and haven’t looked back since.  So glad I didn’t wait any longer.”
~ Ashley Senning, LASIK 3 month post-op

Our ultra-modern LASIK excimer laser has built-in tracking devices able to respond in under 2 milliseconds if your eye makes an involuntary movement. If your eye were to move too far out of range, the laser simply stops until it can get back on target. The LASIK surgery can then continue, usually with the same excellent results afterwards.


“My only regret is waiting so long to have the procedure.  What a feeling- when I’m driving and realize my eyes are unburdened from my lenses for the first time.”
~ T. Delano – One Week Post-Op


“Dr. Tharp has been instrumental in helping me achieve my lifelong goal of flying for the military. Without the LASIK procedure I would have been disqualified for vision requirements”
~ Jonathan D. Welter, SFC, HHC 1140TH EN BN

Yes. Most surgeons operate on both eyes at the same sitting. The results are so predictable and the procedure so safe that most people undergoing LASIK surgery prefer to have both eyes corrected on the same day.


“I went from not being able to see the clock beside my bed to being able to see everything all the way out to the horizon when driving.”
~ J. West, LASIK 3 month post-op


The best money I’ve spent!”
~ Newburgh, IN, LASIK Surgery Patient

The surgical correction is permanent. It does not wear off, but it is important to realize that a person’s eye can still change, such as with aging. We can discuss this with you and advise whether Laser Vision Correction is suitable for your needs.


“Vision was worse than 20/400 for 40 years — now 20/20!”
~ Evansville, IN, LASIK Surgery Patient


“I’m so glad I had LASIK.  It was one of the best decisions I have made.”
~ Autumn Bolte, LASIK Surgery Patient

With LASIK, most patients can return to work the next day. You may shower the next day, carefully apply eye make-up within a week, but avoid swimming for one week, and avoid rubbing eyes for 3 months.


“I had thought about LASIK for a long time, so glad I did it.  It’s nice to be able to see without having to use glasses or contacts.”
~ A. Munnier – One week Post-Op


“The improvement in my vision is like magic…didn’t believe it was possible until I saw it myself!”
~ Andrew Brandsasse, LASIK Surgery Patient

The WaveLight® Refractive Suite utilized in surgery is located in the Laser Suite at The Vision Care Center at 4233 Gateway Blvd, Newburgh, IN.


“I would highly recommend LASIK to anyone. Dr. Tharp is wonderful — I have 20/20 vision again!”
~ Evansville, IN, LASIK Surgery Patient


“Dr. Tharp and all his staff are wonderful!  Best procedure I’ve ever done!  Feels amazing to be able to see without the hassle and worry of contacts or glasses.”
~ Dana Royster, LASIK 3 month post-op

Ask Your LASIK Surgeon

Always take the time to sit down with your doctor and discuss your surgery. Below is a list of questions you may want to ask your eye surgeon in order to help you make the right decision.

  1. Has my eye surgeon had LASIK?
  2. Is my eye surgeon available well in advance for a personalized review of my case?
  3. Does my eye surgeon charge one fee including enhancements covering all treatment sizes and post op care for up to a year?
  4. Are the laser and my eye surgeon on-site daily and easily accessible after hours if needed?
  5. Does my eye surgeon do his/her own pre and post operative care?
  6. Does my eye surgeon use one of the newest generation of wavefront-optimized and topography-guided lasers, such as the WaveLight® Refractive Suite?
  7. Does my eye surgeon use the Pentacam Tomographer Mapping System to evaluate my safety as a LASIK candidate?
  8. Will my surgeon use a blade or laser to create my flap in LASIK?
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